At Southern Voltage we offer a wide range of services to our Houston Texas customers. From new construction, repair, upgrade or safety issues.

Panels & Breaker Boxes

An old or obsolete breaker box can leave your home's wiring vulnerable to overheating due to overloads and short circuits. Don't live with uncertainty, contact us now and and get an Expert evaluation of your breaker box.

southern voltage houston electrical services breaker boxes


Lighting is a great way to add comfort and value to your property. Whether its additional lighting for dark areas, task lighting, or accent lighting to highlight features in your home, office or yard.

Lighting can also be used to great effect where security is a concern to deter thieves.

southern voltage kitchen lightingsouthern voltage accent lightingsouthern voltage outdoor lighting

Safety Inspection

If you are uncertain about the safety of your home's electrical wiring, contact us to help. Our experienced technicians are experts on electrical safety requirements. We can inspect and evaluate the safety and effectiveness of all your electrical systems.

Surge Protection

Surge protection is an important part of protecting your electrical components. Contact us and we can install top of the line surge protection that is guaranteed for life, and will guarantee your electronics and appliances due to power surges.

Troubleshooting and Repair

Our vast experience means there is no electrical problem Southern Voltage Electric Service LLC cannot handle. We are experts at diagnosing problems, and can quickly give you the best repair options. As always our repair will be neat, code compliant and guaranteed.

southern voltage repair


Aluminum wiring can lead to many potential hazards in your home. Our technicians know the solutions to increase the safety of aluminum wired homes.